DM Haul!

Hello girls! 

 I'm finally back with a new blog post :) 
Today I went to DM just to grab a candle. As you can see I purchased a bit more than just a candle ;) my defence I really needed some new skin care products :)  

Most of the products are by a brand called Alverde which is a
 natural cosmetics brand and I am an Alverde fan for years :)

This is an Alverde's Wild-Rose Moisturizing Night Face-Cream. It helps regenerate your skin and restore radiance. I was using the same cream in the past and I loved it :) 
What I also absolutely adore about Alverde is that their products don't contain parabens and other harsh chemicals. Oh they are also not tested on animals! 

Because I am under a lot of stress lately ( finals!!!) my skin is not as clear as usual. I have quite a lot of break-outs on my chin and forehead. So when I saw this product in a drugstore I had to have it :) This is a clear washing cream healing soil by Alverde. It is suppose to help you get rid of your pimples and blackheads :) Also this one has a nature and vegan certificate :)

The smell of this one is AMAZING!! I didn't really need a new shower gel but oh well the damage has been done :) This product contains bio cocoa oil, bio sunflower oil and organic hibiscus oil. I can already tell how soft my skin will be after using this one and once again THE SMELL is to die for! :) 

 Last but not least is this moisturizing face mask by Balea. 
Balea is also a DM's brand. It is not as natural as Alverde but I still really like it. This one contains honey and milk and I can not wait to take the time to pamper myself :) 

Thanks for checking out my post, P. 

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