My hair care routine!

Hi girls! 

This blog post is going to be about my hair care routine.  
My hair is thick, straight, frizzy, very dry and I wash it twice a week (every third day). 

All the products listed below are my holy grail products when it comes to my hair care. 
As far as it goes for my shampoo&conditioner I always use different brands. 

 Let's begin... :) 

All in One!

This product is called Uniq One All In One Hair Treatment Coconut
 and I've been using this one for a couple of years now. 
My sister gave it to me and at first I didn't use it a lot. But after a while I absolutely fell in love with it and now I don't want to live without it. This product is so amazing!
It  is a leave-in hair treatment spray which gives a host of benefits to all hair types.This spray treatment provides 10 benefits to all hair types, from shine and frizz control to heat protection and UVA/UVB protection against colour fading it  adds shine to the hair and controls frizz whilst adding silky smoothness and enviable body and volume. It is perfect for repairing dry and damaged hair and it  also works to prevent split ends. 

(Price: 15-20€)

Oil Miracle!

I have been using Orofluido's elixir for 3 years and I can't even explain my love for this hair oil. It is a bit pricey but it will last you for a really long time. After using this product my hair is extremely soft to the touch. The product smells amazing. It doesn't make my hair heavy or oily at all, but rather my hair looks lush and voluminous. I usually use it on my wet hair, but you can totally use it after you apply a heat to your hair.  It is a true must have for every girl out there! :)
(Price: 30€).

Let's get moisturizing!

I got this Argan Oil (AO) hydrating hair mask at a local drugstore and I'm using it once a week to deep condition my hair. It helps smooth, moisturize, and condition hair of all types but is particularly helpful with dry and damaged hair. 
(Price: 8-10€).

Ready, set, straight!

This is L'oreal studio line Hot and Glatt cream. This product is a heat protectant and it is made especially for straightening your hair with hair straightener or blow dryer. You have to apply it on wet hair, then (blow) dry it and you're ready for hair straightening!  (Price: 8€)

Say farewell to frizz #1!

I think we all know this one ;) - The famous MoroccanOil :) 
I got it at a hair saloon a couple of months ago and this one is specifically made for frizzy hair. It eliminates frizz and controls static in any weather. Its weather-resistant properties weightlessly safeguard hair whether you have winter hair (in excessively dry conditions) or summer hair (in excessively humid conditions) keeping it smooth, calm and manageable. (Price: 30€).

Say farewell to frizz #2!

And at last my latest holy grail. :)
This is a very lightweight gloss that makes your hair incredibly shiny.   I spray this on my hair when it's dry and my hair instantly becomes smooth and shiney. I love this product! It also smells great, it leaves that salon-like smell in your hair which is also always good :) 


                                Thanks for checking out my post, P. 

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