Freedom Haul!

Hi girls! I'm back with another exciting blog post! Today I'm going to show you my newest makeup products that once again I purchased online:)! A while ago I saw some makeup products that looked very similar to Makeup Revolution. And because by now you probably all know that I'm a huge huge fan of Makeup Revolution (You don't know it yet? Click here: ) I had to try these babies out! The makeup brand is called Freedom and they are located in London. I'm not entirely sure but I believe that the makeup brand is somehow related to Makeup Revolution (BEST NEWS EVEEER!!!) :).
Because I didn't know exactly what to get I ended up buying these two. The one on the left is called Pro Shade & Brighten Shimmers Kit, and the on on the right is Pro 12 Audacious Mattes.
Pro Shade & Brighten Shimmers Kit is not only the cutest little thing you've ever seen in your life, it's also super practical. You can easily carry it in your makeup bag all the time. This palette is so perfect- I loved it the first second I laid my eyes on it. The shadows are finely-milled and highly-pigmented. Colors have a beautiful balance between shimmer and color! Stay tuned for my swatch post that's coming soon! :)
Pro 12 Audacious Mattes palette is a must have for every makeup lover out there. It's such an amazing palette to use on a daily basis. I'm a huge fan of shimmer eye shadows because mattes tend to disappoint me most of the time! But the fact that these are matte AND highly-pigmented.... I'm HOOKED!!
For my eyes (wink, wink) I also got a Long Length Mascara. This one was MEH for me...I mean it's fine but it's most definitely not the best thing ever invented. I am using this one for the past week(ish) and my lashes don't seem to be any longer when I wear it. As far as it goes for volume...What volume? it doesn't hold a curl. It really smells good though!
And ofcourse I needed something for my lippies!!! DUH! So I got this two :) The first one is called Whispers and it's the perfect pinkish-nude color (more pink then nude TBH). I like it so far, the color is nice and it stays on your lips for quite some time. Swatches, as promised, coming soon :).
The second one is called Sooner or Later and it's slightly nuder than Whispers. It's also a little less pigmented, but I still think it's perfect for everyday use!
Thanks for checking out my post, P.

13 komentarjev:

  1. Awesome, I am absolutley hooked - now I have to try some of their products ;)

  2. Mat paleto imam že kar nekaj časa nagledano. So res tako dobro pigmentirane? :)

    1. Res so dobro pigmentirane, pa na dotik so božanske :)))))

  3. Mat paletka mi je vsecna. Samo ce ze imam tolk podobnih :(
    Meni zlo slicijo na MR. :)

    1. Hehe :) ja mam js enak problem s temi paletkami ;)
      Zelooo so si podobni :) Neka povezava z MR mora bit! :)

  4. Mat paletka mi je res zanimiva ampak jih imam toliko že da se ven ne vidim. Me prav zanima kako so pigmentirane :D

    1. How many matte palettes are too many matte palettes? The limit does not exist :) al kako že pravijo :) Ja,za moje pojme so super pigmentirane, objavim swatch post čimprej :)

  5. Tudi meni je najbolj v oči padla mat paleta, ampak jih imam že dovolj, sta mi pa šminki res čudoviti, lepa odtenka! Ampak ta Freedom ... vsi izdelki so že na videz tako luškani :)

  6. Ful mi delujejo kot Makeup Revolutiuon. Nevem če bi ponavljala nakup...

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