Makeup Revolution Must haves!!

Hi girls! Today we're talking MakeUp Revolution must haves!!! :) My love for this brand is unreal and unhealthy. The saying low price = poor quality most is far from the truth when it comes to Makeup Revolution. Their products are amazing and I promise you that you'll fall in love with them the first second you try them out. I like to order my Makeup Revolution products online ().
I need to start with this one! :) It's called Flawless palette and it's just a dream come true. This palette contains 32 highly-pigmented eyeshadows. It contains a mixture of matte and shimmer shades in everything from neutral browns and creams to roses, violets and blacks. This is my go-to palette for sure. Most of the shadows are beautifully pigmented, but one or two of the lightest shadows can be a bit sheer.
Next one already made an appearance in my blog post :) If you want to read what I had to say about it a couple months ago click here: . ;) This is Too Faced Chocolate Bar Eye Palette's dupe by I heart Makeup called Death by Chocolate! I can't compare the two, because I don't have the original (someday I will!!! :)) but I can say that these have amazing pigment, are soft, buttery, and apply with minimal fallout. This palette contains mostly neutrals and has a great mix of shades that aren't too close to each other, which is a plus because you can create so many different looks with only one palette :)
Ok, so this beauty is called Ultra 32 Shade Eyeshadow Palette AFFIRMATION and it's quite similar to the Flawless palette. It contains 32 gorgeous shades that are wearable. In my opinion this palette has a great mix of colours ranging from nude right through to deep and smoky in cool and warm tones. These are the type of colours I'd wear on a daily basis and having so much choice in the one palette is always a plus.
Last two are my babies! :) This are single eyeshadows - on the left is Promise land and on the right is Sold out! I ADORE this shadows so much! The pigmentation is to die for. They are so shimmery, literally every single time I wear these people are always complimenting my makeup! I just ordered more because these truly are amazing and so easy to carry them around in your makeup bag! Get a few of these!! NOW!!! ;) SUNKISSED SKIN!
This is Bronze Palette - All About Bronze in Fair. Like every makeup lover on this planet I like to contour. Wow - Shocker right? :) What can I say about this one....It does it's job like every other product by Makeup Revolution :)! You get a couple of highlight type of shades for fair and medium skin tones and then a mixture of browns and finishes. It last me pretty much all day long, but you have to keep in mind that my skin is dry!
So I think you can tell that I use this one A LOT! :) I use it pretty much every single day since you only have to grab one product to do your entire face! This one is called Ultra Sculpt & Contour Kit Ultra in Fair. This contour kit is really great quality. The powders are soft and buttery and blend really nicely. This kit contains a matte bronzer, shimmer highlighter and shimmer blush so a perfect trio :) FINISH IT!
Say hello to Pro Fix Fixing Spray! This is a great affordable version of a setting spray. I was quite worried when I first started using this because it has high alcohol content so I thought that it might dry out my already dry skin but thankfully that never happened.This spray works really well with my skin, my makeup stays in place for a long time and I don't even need to touch up much. Thanks for checking out my post, P.

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