Face favourites!

Hello girls! 

I'm very picky when it comes to my face makeup and usually when I discover something I really like I stick to it till the end. 

And this is excatly what happened with these products :) 

Conceal, don't feel...don't let them show!

These two are my all time favourites. I use Maybelline's fit me concealer everytime I wear makeup. I smooth it over foundation under the eye and blend it out toward the temple. Beside that I've been using it as an eye shadow base too - It blends smoothly, doesn't crease and holds my eyeshadow in 
place for hours! I use it in colour Fair, nb. 15.

Catrice's concealer is just perfect choice for highlighting the top of cheekbones without having to layer other products on top. And the best thing about it is that it still looks super natural. Oh, not to forget it's waterproof, so it's going to last for hours without creasing!

Foundation is the key

Maybelline's fit me foundation...oh you girls...this foundation is amazing! It has really nice coverage, and it stays on my skin for a really long time. As far as blending goes it blends smoothly, fast and well. 

What you should know before you get this foundation is:

  • this foundation will give you quite light coverage 
  • the texture is kind of watery (which I actually love :)) 
  • It will give you dewy finish (another plus for all my dry skin fellows out there:)) 

If I feel like I have to set my liquid foundation I always use Rimmel's stay matte powder. I normally don't really have to set my foundation, since my skin is dry, but if I want a bit more coverage this is my go to product. What I like the most about it is that it doesn't give that powdery look we all hate, and for the price it works wonders :) 

Thanks for checking out my post, P.

3 komentarji:

  1. Jaaaa fit me je toppp zadeva, a ni zalostno, da tega pri nas preprosto ne dobiš v drogeriji:(, concealer mi je top sploh za to ker mi ne prikaze vsake gube in eden redkih, ki se mi minimalno ali skoraj nič ne vsede v gubice. Podlago pa obvezno preverim, trenutno sem zvesta Healthy mixu ker imam suho kozo in nocem matirnih pudrov dajat nase. Tako da preverim fit me:)

  2. Avtor je odstranil ta komentar.

  3. Se strinjam, meni je tudi Fit me odličen. :) Ko ga porabim, definitivno ponovim nakup. :)


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