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With this post I'm starting a new series on my blog that I'm calling Sunday glimpse.  
 These are going to be short reviews of the products I'm enjoying at the moment. I'm going to try to cut right to the chase with every single one of these posts, so there is (hopefully) not going to be a lot of jabbering :)! These posts are (for now) also not going to be bi-lingual, because I want them to be as short as possible. Without further ado, here are my thoughts on this foundation!


I've been struggling to find a good foundation lately. I was mostly using Rimmel's wake me up foundation, but after using it for months I just didn't like it as much. I like the formula of it, but I hate how my skin looked in sunlight. I was glistening... and not good glistening! I mean I literally looked like Edward Cullen in the sunlight - sparky!
 I know that tiny glitter in there is what make your skin shiny and glowy. But people around me started noticing it and it was quite annoying listening to  ˝wow you're really glittery˝. So I just stopped using it and got this one and I loved it sooo much better. 

The formula is very similar to Wake me up foundation. It's moisturizing, stays on forever, it blends well and it's not cakey! My skin is quite dry so it's a must for my foundation to be moisturizing. But the best thing about is not sparkly! Don't get me still leaves your skin with a glow, just not with that Edward Cullen lumniosity!
 I love it...almost as much as the Fit me foundation ;) And  Fit me foundation set some pretty high bars for me! ;)

What do you think about this foundation? Did you try it yet?

Thanks for checking out my post, P.

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  1. Thank you for the review, i think i'm gonna try this foundation :D if it's affordable and good at the same time i think it is a holy grail :D
    -E from


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